Titus Chapter One



1. From Paul, commissioned by God as a messenger of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the faith of God’s People, and affirming the truth that leads to a Godly life.

2. We anticipate and expect to live an eternal quality of life here and now. That was promised to us by God, before the world began, and he binds himself to his own word of truth.

3. And now, at his own appointed time he has made this promised word clear through preaching. And I have been commissioned to preach it on the command of God our Savior.

4. So I extend grace and mercy and peace from God to you Titus, as a son that shares in that same faith with me, through God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

5. Because of that I asked you to stay in Crete so that you could correct the things that need attending to, and to appoint elders in every city, in the manner that I outlined to you.

6. They must not have any outstanding moral charges laid against them, and must be married to one wife and have children who are well behaved and not accused of making mischief.

7. An elder must be innocent of these things, faithful to what God has entrusted to him, not stubborn or given to anger, and not a drunkard or greedy for money.

8. He must share who he is and what he has with others, befriending good and virtuous people, fair and considerate to others, well disciplined and of high moral caliber.

9. He must live the life of faith that he has been taught, so that by walking the talk he might win over and positively affect those who do not agree with what he believes.

10. There are plenty of self-appointed know-alls out there who don’t know what they are talking about, especially among the legalistic religious people.

11. They must be kept quiet. They confuse entire households, teaching things that are not true, and all for the sake of taking people’s money.

12. One of their own countrymen, known as a prophet amongst them, even said that the Cretians don’t know how to stop lying. They are like predators, and lazy to the core.

13. What he said was true, so be strong in setting people straight, that they might start having faith in what is of God.

14. They must not listen to those Jewish tall stories, and legalistic doctrines that cause people to stray from the truth.

15. People with clean hearts and minds can see good in the day to day things in life, but to those with corrupt minds, who don’t have faith in what God says, make everything look evil, and that is because their own consciences are evil.

16. They say they know God, but the way they live gives them away, not even listening to God, and behaving atrociously, with no hint of ever wanting to live a good and virtuous life

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