Romans Chapter Three

Romans Chapter Three

In this chapter Paul follows the thread of his logical argument of how we are to judge between what is right and what is wrong - or more pointedly - Who is right and who is wrong. He concludes that there is only one person who is always right and never wrong, and that is God.

He then has to establish the fact of who, as far as those who are wrong (which is everybody), is more wrong or more right than anybody else. He challenges the Jews and asks them if they think they must be more right because they have been made privy to more teaching and understanding because of their laws and their prophets, which were sent by God.

He quickly concludes that they have to admit that they are not more right at all -and this is on two counts. One is because their own prophets have told them that they have never got it right at all - that they have continually wandered off the path. Moreover he tells them that they are to be even more blamed, because they knew what they should have done, unlike everyone else, which should have been an advantage - and they still did not do it. Added to this is the indictment that Paul brings to them that this kind of abuse of privilege has even made their religion look like a sham, and disgraced the very God they should have been glorifying.

He says; 'For this reason God's name is blasphemed among the Nations.'

So Paul says that no one can claim any advantage or special favour, because they have all done wrong - so there is no difference - all humanity has got it wrong. He then says that Jesus has however, compensated for ALL of humanity, both Jews and all other Nations, by becoming ONE with Humanity and getting everything right, and living in total harmony with His Father. And Jesus has done this to bring ALL of humanity, both Jews and everyone else back into harmony with the Father. 

Paul then debunks the critics who scandalize him because he appears to say that the worse we are, the greater will God look. They accuse him of saying - 'Lets be as bad as we can so that God can be seen as being greater and greater.' He concludes by saying that the opposite is true - that is, that when we know that Jesus has become human, bringing divinity and humanity to dwell together in Himself, we van become a person who has been lifted into another plane of existence. He says that this person is able, and the only person able, to please God in all that he does.


1 So what significance is there then in being of the Jewish religion, and what benefit are religious observations like circumcision?

2. In fact there is great significance in every way, because the Jewish faith was the first to receive God’s Word directly.

3 But what if some did not believe His Word - Does their lack of faith make God’s faithfulness ineffective?

4 Come on now! It is God who always remains true and gets it right, even when everyone else gets it wrong. As the Scriptures tell us ‘You, Lord will always be right and be proven to be so - if ever and whenever You are tested.’

5 But if our being wrong establishes the fact that God is always right, then what is the conclusion? Is God in the wrong to punish us for being wrong?

(I’m using human reasoning here).

6 But wait on! How else is God going to judge humanity?

7 To continue the argument, if God is seen to be all the more right because I am so wrong, why should I be judged as being wrong if I am actually making God look greater?

8 However some people are actually accusing us of saying exactly that! ‘Let us do wrong so that God can do more good. It seems like a logical thing to do.’

9 Getting back to the significance of the Jewish religion. Are we any better than anyone else?

No way! Because I have already proven to you that those of the Jewish faith along with the rest of humanity have always done wrong.

10 Look what your own prophets have said to you repeatedly in the Scriptures ‘No one has ever led a sinless life – No one!’

11 ‘No one even understands. There is no one who even tries to know God’s heart and live in total harmony with Him.’

12 ‘They have all wandered off the path. They have become useless – No one is really living a God life – No one.’

13 ‘Look down their throat and you’ll see a grave down there – what comes out of their mouths is deathly deceit. Listening to their words is like being bitten by a snake.’

14 ‘Whenever they open their mouths they curse and complain.’

15 ‘They don’t hesitate in destroying other peoples’ lives.’

16 ‘They have attitudes that cause hurt and misery for everybody.’

17 ‘They don’t know how to be at peace in their lives.’

18 ‘They have no respect or reverence for God.’

19 We are all aware that whatever the commandments and principles of God pronounce, everyone is accountable to them. So no one can argue with God about what is right. This makes all of humanity come under the justice system of God.

20 Therefore those who are aware of what is right and wrong because of the commandments and principles will find themselves unable to live up to those requirements.

21 But now a way has been made which is evident for all to see, a way by which people can live in complete harmony with God and. This was even foretold through our Scriptures and by our own prophets.

22 We can live in complete harmony with God by believing in what Jesus Christ has done for humanity. This is for everyone. It makes no difference what anyone’s background or culture is or has been.

23 For everyone has fallen short of living a life in complete harmony with God and His ways.

24 We are able to be part of the delight to the Father’s heart that Jesus Christ is,  who lived all his life in perfect harmony with God, and who freely gives us the very same harmony with The Father that He has.

25 God planned this in eternity – for Jesus to take upon Himself all the judgment that mankind should have received by becoming a blood sacrifice for us. All we have to do now is believe in and trust this gracious act of His.

26 At this time in history God is making known to everybody just how perfect His nature and character is, so that He alone can be seen as the One who bestows this same character and nature upon all who believe in Jesus.

27 So what qualifies people to promote themselves then? Nothing – everything is disqualified. Are the Commandments what disqualify us? No, but faith in Jesus now disqualifies the promoting of anything to do with human effort or records of achievement.

28 So the conclusion is that a person can live in harmony with God and please Him fully without observing the rituals of the Law. It is by trusting and believing in what Jesus has done for them.

29 So I ask you – Is He the God of the Jewish religion only? Isn’t He the God of all humanity? Yes – He is the God of all humanity.

30 It is one God who now includes in His eternal plan the Jewish Nation  because of faith in Jesus, and the rest of humanity because of faith in Jesus,

31 Do we then make redundant the principles and Godly behavior portrayed in the Commandments? No, godly behavior is now an outcome of our faith.