Romans Chapter Fifteen

This is virtually the last chapter as the next and final chapter is a series of greetings to the Christians in Rome. Paul begins to wind up with a further exhortation to the Roman Christians to love and accept one another despite their differences of background and religious heritage. He prays for them more than once in this chapter with words such as in verse 5; ‘ Now I pray that that same God who is with us through the hard times and encouraging us, will make us feel towards one another the same way he does towards each of us, as people who belong to Jesus’.
In verses 6 and 7 Paul challenges the people to be in agreement with each other, but not in such a way that they merely find some compromise upon which to agree, but rather that each person first goes to God on the matter with an open mind to be instructed by The Holy Spirit for truth on the issue. They are instructed to be guided by the Word of God and also to be willing to put themselves in the place of the other person to identify with their feelings on the issue.
And again as an almost final prayer he says in verse 13.; ‘13 Now I pray that God who gives us hope will fill your hearts of faith with joy and peace, that your hopes will rise to the highest heights through the power of the Holy Spirit.’
This highlights a significant aspect of the empowering ministry of The Holy Spirit.
From this verse (13) onwards Paul goes into an extended discourse about his proposed visit to them as a church in Rome. It takes him nineteen verses of which six verses are a lead up, and the rest an explanation that he has wanted to visit them for a long time but that he has been occupied with his ministry to the non Jewish people in many places in difficult but very rewarding circumstances. He also explains that he is really heading to Spain and that he will call in to see the Roman church on his way, and could they please arrange transport for him from Rome to Spain. It is interesting to note that Paul’s final place of residence was indeed in Rome, which we read in the last verse of the Book of Acts.


1 So then those who have a robust faith should make allowances for those whose faith does not allow them the same freedom, and the freedom should not be an excuse for self serving attitudes.

2 We should all be seeking to help each other and to strengthen and grow one another.
3 Jesus did not have a self serving attitude, and as Scripture says; ’I will wear all the insults they have hurled at you.’

4 For all the Scriptures that were written ages ago were written so that we could now learn the ways of God, by faithfully enduring through hard times and getting encouragement through God’s Word.

5 Now I pray that that same God who is with us through the hard times and encouraging us, will make us feel towards one another the same way he does towards each of us, as people who belong to Jesus.

6 And that you may be in agreement with one another in what you think and in what you say in the way that you honor The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7 So fully accept one another just as Christ fully accepted us, bringing glory to God.
8 Now Jesus Christ came to serve the covenant people of Judaism by bringing to them the truth of God, and to establish them in the eternal promises made to the prophets and patriarchs.

9 and also that the rest of mankind can give God glory for his mercy to them. As the Scriptures say ‘because of this I will tell all mankind about you and sing to you

10 And again he said ‘Sing for joy all you nations as part of God’s people.’

11 And it says once more ‘Praise the Lord all people of the earth, heap praise upon him.’

12 And Isaiah also said ‘The offspring of Jesse will grow up to rule over all the earth, and the whole world will trust in him.’

13 Now I pray that God who gives us hope will fill your hearts of faith with joy and peace, that your hopes will rise to the highest heights through the power of the Holy Spirit.

14 And concerning you my friends; I am convinced that you abound in goodness and understanding, and that you are able to be of real assistance one another with the truth and wisdom of God.

15 Nonetheless my friends I have written to you with added confidence as it were, because of the grace and gifting that God has given me, to bring to your attention

16 That I am the person responsible for bringing the message of Jesus Christ’s salvation of mankind to the world. I want to present all men to God as a holy offering, transformed by the work of The Holy Spirit in their lives.

17 There is quite a lot I could say about some of the amazing ways God has used me through the power of Jesus Christ.

 18 Modesty prevents me from saying too much about all the things God did through me to get unbelievers to believe, both in what he had me say and what he had me do.

18 There were such supernatural signs and wonders through the power of The Holy Spirit, that I was able to spread the word entirely and effectively from Jerusalem all the way to Illyricum.

20 Yes, my passionate objective was to preach the gospel only in places where they had never heard of Jesus, so that 
I would not be building upon another man’s foundation.

21 Just as the Scriptures say; ‘People who have never heard of him shall see it, and those who have never heard anything about God will understand.’

22 It is because of having to do all of this that I have not been able to get to visiting you.

23 But now, having no more work to do here where I am , and still having a great desire through all these years to come and visit you,

24 Which will be when I am on my way to Spain, because I will come to you on my way through. And would hope that I would not only see you on my journey but that you would take me on further to where I have to go, after I have spent some valuable time with you of course.

25 But right now I have to go to Jerusalem as I have work to do for the Christians there.

26 Because it was in the hearts of the Christians in Macedonia and Achaia to give financially to the poor Christians at Jerusalem.

27 They really wanted to do this and that is only fair, because if those former unbelievers have been made to benefit from the spiritual wealth of those in 
Jerusalem, then it is their duty to benefit them back financially.

28 And when this task has been signed sealed and delivered I will come to you on my way to Spain.

29 And I know that when I come I will bring with me all the goodness and greatness that the gospel of Christ has to offer.

30 And I ask you from the bottom of my heart my friends, for the sake of Jesus Christ, and for the love of The Holy Spirit that you join with me in my own prayers for myself at this time.

31 That I will not come to any harm from those in Judea who do not believe, and also that this assignment that I have for the Christians in Jerusalem might be accepted by them.

32 So that then I can come to you by the will of God, contented. And I look forward to being refreshed by your company.

33 And may the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

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