James Chapter Four



1. Where does all that conflict and strife among you come from? Doesn’t it come from within you, from your own internal conflicts?

2. You are full of so much craving and so much dissatisfaction that you destroy one another. You want so much for yourself and you can’t have it, so you fight and argue, then you don’t get the best that you could have because you don’t ask for it.

3. When you do ask for something you don’t receive it because you ask with an attitude that just wants to waste it all on your self indulgence.

4. You are living unfaithful and untrue lives. Don’t you realize that your romance with the world is a slap in the face to God?

Whoever gets into a love affair with the world is getting into divorce proceedings with God.

5. Don’t you think that the Scriptures have warned us that there is something deep inside of us that craves only for what other people have.

6. But God wants to indulge us generously with his very best for us, and he gives generously to humble people, but he is not generously disposed towards the proud and arrogant.

7. So trust totally in God’s goodness towards you. Take your stand against the devil’s bait of grabbing for yourself and he will give up and take off.

8. Start approaching God and he will come running out gladly to meet you. Start doing right instead of doing wrong, and resolve in your hearts what you know is really worth living for.

9. Shed some tears over any disgraceful attitudes that have taken hold of you, and then get serious and bury them and you can grieve at the funeral.

10. Humbly place yourself in dependence upon God and he will advance you into the right place at the right time.

11. Don’t malign or smear one another as brothers together in God’s family. If you defame and criticize one another you are criticizing and defaming God’s principles of love and justice and mercy. If you criticize these principles you are not living out those principles but demeaning them.

12. There is only one author in charge of those principles, and he is the one with the power to see you prosper yourself or ruin yourself. Who are you to think you have this power?

13. So be cautious about saying that your plans for prospering yourself in the future and being in full command of your strategies for success is all within your power.

14. You cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Isn’t life more like a puff of smoke, here one day and blown away the next?

16. It is far wiser to plan the life ahead of you by being aware that God has his good and perfect will for your life.

17. But it seems as though you are on cloud nine about all your wonderful plans. That kind of arrogance leads to corruption and destruction.

18. If you know what is the godly way to go forward and you don’t go that way you are walking away from God and you will miss the mark entirely.

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