James Chapter One



1. Joyful greetings from James, a servant of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Jewish Christians of the far flung Nation of Israel, wherever you may be living.

2. My friends, make sure you maintain a positive and joyful attitude when you go through different kinds of challenges and temptations.

3. Try and realize that the testing of your faith at these times strengthens your character and endurance.

4. Let that perfect process of patience and endurance achieve its true goal, which is a robust faith in the goodness and love of God that does not crack under pressure.

5. If you need wisdom for the correct initiative or response to make in your life decisions, ask God to show you. He is happy to guide you in a most caring and uncomplicated way.

6. Just make sure you fully trust and believe in God to do this. If you are not anchored by this certainty you will be swept to and fro by storms of inner conflict.

7. No one in that state of turmoil can expect to get a simple and clear-cut leading from the Lord.

8. If you cannot resolve your internal conflicts about trusting in God, your faith and your will and your resolve to do anything will be compromised.

9. The person who feels he has nothing of this world with which to commend himself should rejoice that he now shares in the riches of God’s kingdom.

10. The person who has this world’s riches can rejoice also that riches do nothing to commend him because he humbly accepts that his true wealth is not in this world’s riches, which all just fade away like the flowers of the field.

11. Just as the beauty of the flower that is scorched by the sun withers and dies in the field, so will the meaning and consequence of earthly riches come to nothing in the end.

12. It is a wonderful thing for a person to overcome the temptation to do wrong, because when you come through that trial your mind is crowned with the peace of God. That is his promise to those who love him. 

13. But don’t ever think that God would tempt a person to do wrong. God can neither be tempted himself to do wrong, nor can he tempt anyone else to do wrong.

4. A person is tempted to do wrong when they are lured by the bait of their own deluded desires.

15. When those desires cause a person to take the bait they swallow it hook line and sinker and end up feeling dead inside and cut off from God.

16. Don’t make any mistake about that because that’s the way it is.

17.Everything that is right and good comes from God, the Father of a glorious kind of light that never fades or dims or wobbles out of orbit like some distant planet.

18. It was his fervent desire to have us born into his own eternal family through the word of truth, so that we could be the expression of a new species of life on earth.

19. So be always ready to listen and not in a hurry to always have your own say, or get upset and into reaction about things.

20. A harmonious walk with God will never be seen in reactions and emotional


21. So get rid of the trash of malicious and perverse behavior and humbly embrace the living Word that has been implanted into you that protects and guards your inner being.

22. Don’t just listen to that Word with a half-hearted belief that it might work, but live your lives out from its power.

23. If you just listen to it and don’t live from it you might as well be just passively looking into the mirror of your life.

24. You catch a glimpse of what this Word of life is and what it might do for you, but when you get back into the daily routine you forget all about how you can live the wonderful life that has just been revealed to you.

25. But if you look into that perfect process of life, and the freedom it holds forth, and focus on it and live it out, you will flourish and grow in every area of your life.

  1. 26.If anyone thinks they are a Christian but can’t

control what comes out of their mouth then they are fooling themselves about what Christianity is really all about

27. A real sign of Christianity in action as far as God is concerned is when orphans and widows get help and comfort in their difficulties, and when people live shared lives with Jesus and don’t  get corrupted by the ways of the world.

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