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Here and now snapshots of things I’m thinking and saying.Journal/Journal.html


The Jesus Mail messages are what I believe would be the kinds of things Jesus would be saying to us all by his Spirit.

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These articles are written to challenge you to look at certain concepts from a different perspective. There are also topics or concerns to which I want to give special focus that you might find interesting or helpful.Articles/Articles.html
Spiritcode Bible Translation
Read and study the new Spiritcode Bible translations. This the “Contemporary Aligned Version” capturing the original language.Translations.html
Sermons and Podcasts
I am publishing my current sermons on a regular basis in MP3 format. Listen online or download to your iPod. Feel free to distribute to your friendsSermons/Sermons.html
Butterfly Alphabet
Photographs of butterfly wings taken by Kjell Sandved. Read about these photographs in rainforests around the world  Click below on www.butterflyalphabet.com/storyhttp://www.butterflyalphabet.com/storyhttp://www.butterflyalphabet.com/storyshapeimage_5_link_0
Download free chapters of my latest publication ‘The Plan’. Plus free e-book downloads of the Book of Romans and First Corinthians