Hebrews Chapter Six



1. Therefore we can go beyond repetitious question and answer lessons in the basic theology of Christ, truths like repentance from useless effort, and having faith in God,

2. And the teaching on baptisms, and of laying on of hands for impartation, and teaching on resurrection from the dead and eternal judgment. We don’t have to re-lay the foundations of something already built, we can start living to the full the final meaning and purpose of these things.

3. We are going to do just this, God willing.

4. But it is well nigh impossible for those people who have been enlightened and have savored true salvation, felt the power of the Holy Spirit,

5. Digested the good word of God, and experienced the power of God’s eternal Kingdom,

6. And then rejected all of that, to be persuaded to accept it all again. They might as well suffer the same consequences and be part of the same mob that put Christ to shame openly and crucified him.

7. Good soil that soaks up the rain and produces the choicest fruit for those who look after it is the best illustration of a person receiving the blessings of God.

8. But the kind of soil that won’t be watered just produces thorns and briars. That is an illustration of a curse and not a blessing – rubbish that you burn off.

9. But my beloved friends, having said that, I want to assure you that you are destined for the full measure of God’s blessing.

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