Hebrews Chapter Five



1. The task of a high priest is to stand between man and God, and on behalf of man to offer gifts and sacrifices to God to atone for their sins.

2. He is able to feel compassion and have mercy on those who are ignorant or disadvantaged, or who have wandered off track, because he shares the same human weaknesses as they do.

3. Because of that he has to offer sacrifices not only for the sins of others but also for himself.

4. A person cannot take this privileged position for himself, but has to be chosen by God, like Aaron was.

5. Jesus did not even elevate himself to this position of high priest but it was God that said to him ‘You are my Son, now is the time for me to bring you forth.’ (Psalm 2:7)

6. God also said (Psalm 110:4) ‘You are a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec

7. Jesus, who lived as a man in the earth, prayed and pleaded for help from out of the depths of his agony, to his Father, who was the only one who could have saved him from death, and his Father heeded his yielded will.

8. Yet even though he was God’s son he understood how to trust and yield to God through the pain and anguish of life.

9. Having matured in this way he has become the source of  everlasting salvation to all that trust and yield to him.

10. He was called of Go to be a high priest after the order of Melchidesec.

11. There is so much we could say about Melchisedec, but it is difficult to explain because you don’t seem ready to listen.

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