Hebrews Chapter Four



1. We should consider with awe the possibility that, having been left a promise of entering into God’s rest, some among you might fail to do so.

2.  We have been given the good news of that promise of rest, just as the ones of the former era, but the message proclaimed to them was of no use because they did not integrate it with a real faith in God.

3. It is we who truly believe and trust God that can share that rest that God enjoys. God said ‘I have declared in my indignation that they will not find that place of rest, even though it has been ready and waiting since I completed my work of creation.

4. God has made mention in the Scriptures of that seventh day, saying ‘And God rested on the seventh day from all his work.’

5. He mentions it again in the Psalms; ‘They shall not enter into my rest’.

6. It seems then that someone is meant to enjoy that rest with God - and the ones who first heard that failed to achieve it because of lack of faith.

7. In another place in the Psalms he appoints a special day, saying ‘Today, repeating what I spoke about to you before a long time ago, Today, if you will listen to what I am saying, do not let your hearts become hard and indifferent’.

8. This was said because if they had truly come to that place of rest under Joshua, he would not have had to speak again of another day that was yet to come.

9. That means there is still an experience of enjoying rest with God for God’s people.

10 For whoever enjoys this rest with God can also enjoy this time of recreation, just like God after his work of creation.

11. So let us make every effort to really enjoy that rest with God, and not fold and give up with the same attitude of doubt and distrust as the ones before.

12. For God’s word is a living powerful thing, sharper than a razor edged sword, and discerns between what is of the spirit and of the soul, like cutting through bones and marrow. It shows up what are the true motives and intentions of a person’s heart.

13. There is no-one who can conceal anything from God, but everything is open and exposed before the One to whom we give account of who we really are.

14. And because we have such a mighty high priest, who represents us to God, and God to us, let us proclaim confidently what we believe.

15. For our high priest is not remote or detached from how we feel about our needs and weaknesses, but he was challenged to the fullest extent by the same human pain and distress that we are, but he never failed  to live above it all.

16 So we can confidently come to the throne of God’s great goodness and receive his compassion and his gracious assistance and support whenever we need it.

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