Hebrews Chapter Three



1. So now, my dear Christian friends, having responded to Heaven’s invitation, let us deliberate and reflect upon Jesus Christ, who represents us to God, and God to us, and who is both the messenger and the message that we proclaim to people.

2. He faithfully executed everything his Father asked of him, just as Moses executed faithfully the stewardship he was given over God’s house.

3. This man Jesus is entitled to more praise and acclaim than Moses by virtue of the fact that the one who builds a house is to be given more esteem than the house itself.

4. And while every house needs someone to build it, God is the maker of everything that exists.

5. Moses was truly a willing and faithful steward in serving God’s house, and was a testimony to things that had yet to become clearly revealed and proclaimed.

6. But Christ is a son in charge of his own house, and we are that household if we can confidently maintain joy by having an absolute expectation of his goodness toward us in all circumstances.

7. That is why The Holy Spirit says to us, “Please listen to what he is saying today

8. And do not harden your hearts as Israel in the time of their defiance as they traveled through the wilderness.

9. Your forefathers tested my patience, and challenged me while watching me work supernaturally for them for forty years.

10. That generation caused me so much grief that I said to them ‘Your hearts are wrong and you have never understood what I am really like

11. So in my indignation I vowed that they would not inherit the place of rest that I had prepared for them.”

12. Just be careful my friends that none of you has a callous and uncaring heart that will not fully trust your living God, and that distances itself from him.

13. But encourage one another on a daily basis, while you still have this ‘Today’, and don’t let sin cheat your heart into becoming callous and uncaring.

14. We share with Jesus in all he is and all he has if we maintain our confidence and trust in him through all circumstances.

15. Which is why we say again “Please listen to what he is saying in this special ‘Today’ and don’t let your hearts become callous and uncaring as they did in the time of their trials in the wilderness.”

16. There were some of them – not all of them - who were led by Moses out of Egypt that defiantly challenged what they heard God say.

17. Who were the ones with whom God was grieved and disappointed? It was the ones that sinned, the way I’ve been saying, and their bodies never left the wilderness

18. Who were the ones that God vowed would not inherit the place of rest that he had prepared for them? The ones who would not trust him.

19. It is clear they could not inherit that place because they did not believe what God had said.

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