Hebrews Chapter Thirteen



1. Continue to show love to one another as members of Father’s family.

2. Be kind-hearted and generous to people you don’t know also. Scripture shows there are those who have done this and received an angelic blessing without anticipating it.

(Gen.19:1, Jud 6:11, Jud 13:16)

3. Be mindful of other Christians who are in prison, as if you were sharing their prison cell, and of other Christians who are going through the same pressures as you are.

4. Respect and honor the state of marriage, and regard the act of marriage as innocent and pure, and be aware that God will deal firmly with adulterers and the sexually corrupt.

5. Don’t live a greedy materialistic lifestyle, but be satisfied with what you have. God has promised to never let you down or abandon you.

6. That way we can confidently trust God and his provision for us and not fret about other people taking advantage of us.

7. Consider the spiritual leaders you have had and the word of God they have taught you. Learn form the faith and the fruit of their lives.

8. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today, and forever.

9. Don’t be led astray by weird and wonderful doctrines. Let your heart be at rest in God’s goodness to you, and don’t get preoccupied with religious ceremonial

niceties that achieve nothing for anybody. 

10. We partake of a spiritual sacrifice that provides nourishment which that kind of religion has no capacity to offer.

11. The bodies of the animals sacrificed as sin offerings were burned outside the border of the camp and the high priest brought the blood back into the sanctuary.

12. Jesus was also sacrificed as an offering for the sins of humanity outside the walls of the city, so that he could separate us out for himself.

13. So let us join Jesus out there, and share his life as an outsider, beyond the walls of worldly and religious self-interest.

14. This world system offers no permanent

security, because our hearts live in another kind of world.

15. It is because of Jesus that we can offer a better kind of spiritual sacrifice; a continual and ongoing thank-you to God.

16. But don’t forget to be kind and generous to others, because this is also offering a spiritual sacrifice that delights God’s heart.

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