Hebrews Chapter Eleven



1. Now faith is the reality of your hope and expectation of God's goodness to be at work for your tomorrows. It is also the assurance of his work on your behalf for today, in the world of the unseen

2. It is that kind of faith life that distinguishes the faithful that have gone before us.

3. Through that kind of faith we can comprehend that the Word of God created the world and commands its history. His unseen hand brings things about, not just the cause and effect of natural forces.

4. Through that kind of faith Abel presented to God an offering far greater than Cain’s because it came from a thankful heart that was right with God, and his heart received God’s thank you. He died but his thank you still lives.

5. Through that kind of faith Enoch was lifted entirely out of this earthly domain and into the heavenly realm without ever seeing death, never to be seen again, because God took him off to be with himself. Before he disappeared his life was a testimony to the fact that he gave untold joy to God’s heart.

6. It is only possible to give this kind of joy to God’s heart by fully trusting and believing in him. If one wants to get close to God he must believe in who he is, and that he bountifully rewards the heart that longs to have close intimacy with him.

7. Through that kind of faith, Noah, being given private and personal forewarning of an event that had never been seen before,

responded with awesome reverence, and prepared a floating ark that saved his whole family. His rescue marked humanity’s judgment, and passed on to us the heritage of a faith life with God.

8. Through that kind of faith Abraham, asked by God to leave his homeland and go off to a strange new territory that would one day of bear his name, said yes and went, with no idea where he was going.

9. Through that kind of faith he traveled through that land of promise where he felt like a stranger and lived in tents with Isaac and Jacob, who also shared with him in the promise

10. But he had eyes for a spiritual home, which was laid down, designed and occupied by God.

11. Through that same kind of faith Sara was able to conceive and have a child, through God’s power, when she was well past childbearing age because she trusted and believed in the faithfulness of God and his promises.

12. And so one man, Abraham, who was as good as dead as far as fatherhood was concerned, fathered more descendants in number than there is sand in the sea and stars in the sky.

13. Those we have mentioned all died in faith without experiencing the full outworkings of the promises made to them, but they saw them far into the future with eyes of faith, and were convinced that they were real They saw themselves as strangers and travelers through this material life on earth.

14. People who live like that show clearly that they are searching for a real home somewhere.

15. And if they had thought that their true home was the original country from which they came, they could always have gone back.

16. But they were longing for a much better place to call their true home. They wanted a heavenly home. That is why God is delighted to be known as their God, because he has made his home their home.

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