Hebrews ChapterOne



1. God, who in the past has at many different times and in many different ways spoken to the Patriarchs and to the prophets

2. Has now in these recent days spoken to us through his Son whom he has made the owner and possessor of all things, and through whom he created the Universe.

3. The Son is the dazzling display of God to us, and he reveals everything of the nature and character of God. It is he who keeps everything in constant existence by his own mighty and dynamic word. When he had absorbed all human sinfulness in his own body he reclined at the right hand of the Majesty of his Father in Heaven.

4. He exists as one so much greater than the angels and has been given by God ownership of all things and a greater name than any angel.

5. Which angel has God ever called his own begotten Son, and said to him ‘You are my own Son, and I will be a Father to you and you will be Son to me?’

6. When he brought his one true Son into the world he commanded all his angels to worship him.

7. He says to his angels ‘You are my Spirit servants who are like a flame of fire.’

8. But he says to his Son ‘Your throne O God will last forever and the royal sceptre you so richly deserve is the symbol of your authority in your Kingdom.

9. You love everything that is right and just and you hate anything that is wrong and unjust. Because of this your God has given you a more glad and joyful Spirit than anyone else.

10. In the beginning of creation it was You Lord who brought into being the entire Universe and fashioned the beauty of Planet earth.

11. But all of that will pass away like worn out clothing while you remain as perfect as you are forever.

12. You will fold up those old clothes and make an entirely new set of clothing one day, but you will remain the same forever.

13. And what angel has God ever invited to recline next to him at his right hand and tell him that he would put all enemies under his feet like a footstool.

14. Angels are servant spirits sent by God to serve those who are to experience the salvation of sharing life with the Son.

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