Galatians Chapter Two



1. Then fourteen years later I went to Jerusalem again with Barnabus, and I also took Titus.

2. I went to Jerusalem acting in faith from a word from God and shared with the Christians there the message of a shared life with Jesus that I preach to the non-Jews. But I conferred personally with those who were recognized as leaders, so that they could verify that my message was true and not meaningless or empty.

3. But Titus, who accompanied me, and who was a Greek was not compelled to be circumcised.

4. The issue arose because of false brothers who deceitfully slipped into the meeting to examine our freedom in Christ, and to bring us into legalistic bondage

5. But we did not take any notice of them, not for one moment, so that the true message would stay intact with you.

6. But there were some there who seemed to have some significance ( and it made no difference to me, because God is not impressed with a man’s reputation or importance). They sounded important when they talked but what they said didn’t help me one bit.

7. But on the other hand, when they all perceived that I had been commissioned to bring the Gospel message to the non-Jews and that Peter was likewise commissioned to bring it to the Jews

8. (God did mighty things through Peter

as an apostle to the Jews, just as he did through me to the non-Jews)

9. And so when James and Peter and John, who were the obvious leaders amongst them all recognized the grace that God had given me, they shook hands with Barnabus and me on the resolution that we should go to the non-Jews and they should go to the Jews.

10. Their one proviso was that we should remember the poor, and of course that was already something very foremost in my mind

11. However when Peter came to Antioch I had to confront him face to face because he made a grave error

12. For before some Christian brothers of Jewish tradition came from James in Jerusalem, Peter was eating non kosher food with the non-Jews, but when these other brothers arrived he separated himself from them because he was afraid of what the brothers of Jewish tradition would think of him

13. And other Jewish Christians there began doing the same thing, getting evasive and defensive as well. It became so bad that even Barnabus got caught up in the sham of it all.

14 But when I saw that they had lost all integrity in this travesty of the Gospel message, I said to Peter in front of all of them that if you, being a Jew by tradition can live in the Gospel faith freedom that the non-Jews have, why do you now put pressure on the non-Jews to live under Jewish tradition?

15. We who are Jews by birth and not outsiders to the things of God like the non Jewish Nations,

16. We know that a person is not brought into harmony with God by trying hard to obey Law principles but by the faith of Jesus Christ, and we have put our faith in Jesus Christ so that we can be brought into harmony with God by that faith, not by trying hard to obey Law principles . Trying hard to obey these regulations will never bring anyone into harmony with God

17. But while we are going about being brought into harmony with God through Christ, we are seen to be less than perfect, does that make the work of Christ second rate – what a crazy idea.

18. Because if I start rebuilding a life of trying hard to fulfill the Law, which is what has been demolished in my life, I turn myself deliberately into a law breaker.

19. It was because of the Law that I became as dead to the Law so that I could live for God

20. I was crucified with Christ, but I am alive and it is not just the old me that is living, but I am sharing life with Christ who is living in me, and the life I live in this body, is energized by sharing in the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself to me and for me.

21. I am not going to cancel out this gift of God’s life to me, because if living in harmony with God only comes by trying hard to obey the law then Christ died for no good reason.

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