Colossians Chapter Four



1. And if you are an employer be fair to your employees, being conscious of the fact that you have a supervisor who is in heaven

2. Maintain an attitude of prayer, staying alert by thanking God for all he is doing.

3. And don’t forget to pray for us, for God to open up opportunities for us to share the message of his plan for mankind to live a shared life with Jesus. This is the message for which I am being imprisoned.

4. Pray for me that I will present it effectively.

5. Make wise life decisions as you live among people in the wider community, making use of every opportunity life presents.

6. Be gracious and inspiring in the way you talk to people, always aware of how to respond to their questions and comments.

7. Tychicus will let you know how everything is going with me. He is such a dearly loved friend and colleague of mine, and a faithful servant of the Lord.

8. I am sending him to you for the same reason, so that he can find out how you are going and encourage you.

9. Onesimus will be coming with him, also a dearly loved brother, and one of your very own. They will keep you up to date with everything that is happening here.

10. Aristarcus, a fellow prisoner, sends his greetings, and also John Mark, the nephew of Barnabus, (remember I told you to welcome him if he comes to see you),

11. And also Jesus Justus, one of the Jewish Christians. These are all co-workers with me in the service of God’s Kingdom, and they have been of great encouragement to me.

12. Epaphras, also one of your own, a servant of Christ, sends his greetings. He is always praying fervently for you, that you will grow and mature in walking in the purposes of God.

13. I want to acknowledge him as a man who had you very much on his heart, along with the Christians at Laodicea and at Hierapolis.

14. Luke, the dearly loved doctor, and Demas also send you greetings.

15. Please give my greetings to all the family of God that are at Laodicea and say hello to Nymphus, and the church which meets at his house.

16. When you read this letter, please make sure it is also read it to those in the church at Laodicea, and please also make sure that, in turn, you read the letter from Laodicea.

17. Encourage Archippus to stay faithful to the ministry the Lord gave to him, and to follow through in all he has to do.

18. Written to you from Paul. Think of me here in prison, and God’s gracious goodness be with you all. Amen.

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