Starting a School
It was about 9.30 on a Monday night in October 1980 and about a dozen guys from...
About Us
Our family and background -  and three whacky dogs and a major Mitchell parrot. Read how we got to where we are nowAbout_us_pageBlank_4.html
Thought and Meditations
These are the thoughts behind the thoughts. Sometimes they are answers - sometimes questions.Thoughts_and_Meditations/Thoughts_and_Meditations.html
Now and Then
A collection of stories about significant milestones on the journey, and the continuing impact of people and events...Now_and_Then/Now_and_Then.html
The Plan -Hidden through the ages
Click here for a free download of the first three chapters of this very different book.Publications/Entries/2008/2/17_The_Plan.html

The kinds of things Jesus would be saying to us all by his Spirit.

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