2Timothy Chapter Three



  1. 1.1 want you to realize that in the end days the world will experience terrible times.

2. Men will think only of themselves, greedy for money, proud and arrogant, disregarding God and disrespectful to parents, ungrateful and ungodly,

3. Hardhearted and disloyal, perjurers, with any self control, violent, and hostile to virtuous living people.

4. Treacherous, impetuous, full of themselves, and devoted to pleasure rather than to God.

5. They will pretend to have faith in God
but not believe in him or in his power. Don't associate with such people.

6. They find their way into the homes of
foolish women who are full of sinful self

7. Who have an appetite for learning new religious fads and ideas but who never get to know the real truth about God.

8. Men like these resist the truth just like Jannes and Jambres who resisted Moses in Egypt. These men have distorted minds and have no understanding of real faith.

9. But they won't get very far, for their foolishness will become apparent to everybody, just like those men who contended with Moses.

10.But you have full and complete understanding of what I teach, how I live, what my purpose is, my faith, my longsuffering, sincere love and patience in
all things.

11. You know how I have suffered persecution and tribulation at Antioch, Iconium and Lystra. You know I stood firm and the Lord delivered me out of it all.

12. Anyone who lives a life that trusts totally in Jesus Christ will be discriminated against because of it.

13. Wicked and manipulating men will go
from bad to worse deceiving others just as
they themselves are deceived.

14. But stay with what you have learned and are sure of, and remember who it is that taught you what you know.

15. You have known the Word of God from a child. They have helped you to grow in the wisdom that comes with the saving faith that is in Jesus Christ.

16. All the Scriptures are inspired by God,
and they are what is valuable for understanding doctrine, and in counseling and correcting others and teaching them how to live a Godly life.

17. The Scriptures cause a man to become
complete and fully equipped to do the good
things that God has ordained for him.

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