2Timothy Chapter Two



1. So my son, continue to grow strong in the grace that in is Christ Jesus

2. And what you have heard me teach and proclaim before any others who will also bear record to it, pass on to faithful and committed men who will also be able to pass it on as they teach others also.

3. Be willing to go through challenging times of trial, as a loyal soldier of Jesus Christ

4. A soldier committed to warfare does not get distracted with the business of civilian life, because he wants to give his best for his commanding officer.

5. And if a man wants to excel in what he hopes to achieve, he does not win any awards unless he qualifies according to the proper rules and guidelines..

6. The farmer that works hard in the field will be the first to taste the reward of his hard work.

7. Think over what I have said and may The Lord give you understanding of in all you need to know.

8. Remember that Jesus Christ of the lineage of David was raised from the dead, according to the message of the shared life we have with Jesus.

9. It is for this cause that I have gone through all the trouble I have and been called an criminal and chained up. But the Word of God has not been chained up.

10. I go through all of this for the sake of those whom God is inviting to hear the message, so that they may obtain the salvation and the eternal glory that is in Jesus Christ.

11. What I know to be absolutely true is this; that if we share in his dying, we will also share in his living.

12. If we go through being afflicted for him we will also go on to ruling with him. If we deny him he will also deny us. 

13. If our faith falters he remains faithful; he cannot deny himself for who he is.

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