2Thessalonians Chapter Two



1. Now concerning the return of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to meet him when he arrives,

2. We appeal to you to not be agitated by any kind of prophetic word or report or letter supposedly from us that the day of the Lord has already happened.

3. Don’t be fooled in any way by anybody. That day cannot come until there first comes a great falling away of faith in the church, and then there must appear on the world scene the ‘man of sin’, the lawless one,

4. Who will oppose God and rank himself above God and anything to do with the one true God. He will pronounce himself to be the only true God, and take his place in God’s temple as a declaration that he is God.

5. Don’t forget that I told you all of this when I was with you.

6. You know what it is that is stopping him to be revealed before his due time

7. Because the mysterious and hidden work of lawlessness is already at work, only the one who is preventing its full exposure will continue to prevent it until he is taken out of the picture.

8. Then the Wicked one will be fully revealed for who he is, and the Lord will destroy him with the powerful word of his Spirit and with the magnificent splendor of his appearance in the heavens.

9. The Wicked one will do the works of Satan, wielding power and supernatural signs and false miracles.

10. People who do not have a genuine love of the truth about God and his ways, which is what could save them, will be deceived by what they see.

11. For this reason they will be given a spirit of deception from God which will cause them to become set hard and fast in the lie they have believed.

12. So that they will bring God’s judgment upon themselves by rejected truth for the sake of enjoying their own evil plans.

13. On the other hand it is so fitting for us to be thankful to God for you, our friends, beloved of the Lord. God has had you mind from the beginning to join your spirit to his so that you would believe the truth of his plan of salvation and share eternal life with him.

14. This happened when you heard his invitation to you through the message we preached to you – invited to share in the glorious grandeur of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

15. Therefore you need to stand firm in this truth and maintain the standards and principles we taught you, which accompany this truth, whether it was through hearing our preaching or reading our epistles.

16. May our Lord, Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who have both  loved us and given us an eternal and blessed hope because of their loving goodness

17. Continue to encourage your hearts and establish your faith in everything you say and do.

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