2Peter Chapter three

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1. This is the second of my two letters to you, written in order to prompt your open and sincere minds and to remind you of some very important issues.

2. So that you will remain mindful of what the prophets of old said to us in our Scripture, and also of what we are currently being directed to write to you as apostles of our Lord and Savior.

3. The first thing to be aware of is that in the last days there will be self appointed and self indulgent scorners of all we have said.

4. They will say ‘What are all these high hopes concerning Jesus coming to this world? Nothing has changed on this planet since it first came into existence.’

5. They are determined to close their minds to the fact that it was the Word of Jesus that said ‘Let the waters from under the earth be divided from the waters above the earth and let the dry land appear’ (Genesis 1:6).

6. Then God later let that same earth get flooded so that everyone in it was drowned.

7. And that same earth and the heavens that we see today are still being upheld by the word of God, and await another destruction, a fiery one that will bring judgment upon the wicked yet once again.

8. But I want you to know and be assured that one day with the Lord is as if it were a thousand years, and a thousand years as if it were one day.

9. And God will not be late when it comes to his timing of these things, as he is being accused of by some. He is simply allowing the longest possible time for people to change their hearts, so that they might not be destroyed when the time does come.

10. Then the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. The galaxies will fragment and collapse with a huge explosion and every particle will melt with fervent heat, including the earth and everything in it.

11. Seeing as how everything that exists will simply disintegrate, think about what this says about the sorts of lives you should be living, and how central and imperative should be your focus on the things of God.

13. With a constant awareness of the impending return of the Lord to this present earth, that will, along with the heavens, go through its final melt down.

13. But as far as we are concerned, just as God has declared, we can expect to see the glorious new heavens and a new earth where everything will look and be just the way God wants it to.

14. So my dear friends, because this is of real consequence and meaning to you, dispose your minds and hearts to being at one with him, in all innocence and simplicity.

15. Seek to fully comprehend that the patient and loving restraint of God in waiting for us to change is the very essence of our salvation. Beloved Paul shares the exact same idea in his writings to you, as revealed to him by God

16. He shares these things in every letter that he writes, sometimes in terms that can be difficult to understand. Ignorant and unbalanced know-alls contend with these truths, just as they do with the rest of Scripture, to their own ruin.

17. So my dear friends, seeing as how you are settled in these truths, be careful to not let any foolish loudmouths try to unsteady you in your faithful stand for what is true.

18. Grow in the empowering goodness of God towards you, and in your intimate knowledge and friendship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.


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