2Corinthians Chapter Eight



1. I also want you to know about the special grace that God gave to the churches of Macedonia.

2. So that even in troubled and difficult times and in great poverty they found a joy within themselves that multiplied itself into an extravagance of generosity.

3. I want to testify of this supernatural ability of theirs, which went beyond any natural ability they had, and which resulted in a willingness

4. So much so that they begged us to accept their financial gift so that they could share in the joy that we have of giving to other needy Christians.

5. They gave far more than we had ever expected them to, but they had first dedicated themselves to The Lord in the giving of it, and to us in the management of it, under God’s direction.

6. This was so impressive that we felt strongly that Titus should also come and speak to you about completing the commitment to giving that you made when he was there with you before.

7. So in the same way that you have more than enough when it comes to faith and knowledge and proclaiming truth and being enthusiastic, and also in the love you have shown to us, make sure that you show you have more than enough in this department also

8. I’m not saying this to put you under obligation, but simply because of the eager willingness of the others I spoke of, and to give you an opportunity to prove that your love is truly sincere.

9. For you are aware of the generous goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who even though he possessed everything that exists, yet for your sakes he gave it all up, so that by surrendering everything he had, he can provide you with everything  you need.

10. And so my opinion is that what you need to do is to finish off what you began to do with even more enthusiasm than you started with a year ago.

11. Just go ahead and do it. You were ready willing and able before, so now you should do what you are still able to do

12. If you really want to give then what you are able to give is what matters, and nobody expects more than that.

13. Because I don’t want you to end up with not enough and others end up with too much.

14. I want things to work out fair and square in the end. So that your over-supply now meets their under-supply now, and one day when they have an over-supply they will be able to meet your under-supply. To me that is a fair thing.

15. In Exodus it speaks about the supply of manna in the wilderness, that those who were able to gather a lot gave to those who weren’t able to gather much, so that nobody suffered any lack.

16. I am thankful to God that he has given Titus this same care and concern for you that I have.

17. And even though he agreed with everything I have just said, he was more than motivated enough in his own heart to come to you anyway.

18. We are sending a brother with him who is well regarded by all the churches for his preaching of the Gospel,

19. He was not only well regarded for that but he has also been recommended by all the churches to be the one to travel with us with the gift that we will be able to give away, which will not only glorify God but also speak volumes regarding your sincere willingness.

20. By traveling together this way we will avoid anyone finding fault with our integrity in handling such a large amount of money.

21. We can then be seen to be above reproach in any way, not only before God but also before man.

22. And along with them we are also sending another brother who has been proven to be tried and true in many matters, but who is even more dedicated to this task, having heard of the confidence I have in you.

23. If anyone has any questions as to who Titus is, tell them he is my colleague and partner in our ministry to you, and if they ask about the other brothers say that their work as trusted messengers of God’s church gives glory to Jesus.

24. So demonstrate to them and also to the churches there that you love these men, and so make good the praise we have had for you.

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