2Corinthians Chapter Twelve



Verses 1-10 only - unfinished

1. There is no point in my continuing to just parade my experiences (in my own strength). I want to talk abut what I have seen the Lord do and what he has revealed.

2. Fourteen years ago I (in Christ’s strength and whether in my body or out of my body I can’t tell – only God knows that) I was taken into the third heaven.

3.And I know all about that experience – whether in or out of my body, God knows, as I’ve said)

4. I was taken up into paradise and heard The Lord tell me things that I am not allowed to talk about.

5. There is a point in talking about this experience. But as for my experiences in my own strength I don’t want them on display, just the weaknesses I have. 

6. for though I could be tempted to talk big about myself, and with some justification, I won’t do that, in case anyone might think more highly of me than what he has seen of me and what he might have heard from others.

7. And also just in case I might get full of myself in pride because of the things God revealed to me, My life has been allowed to be afflicted by something that Satan thrusts at me and clouts me with, to put me down.

8. I asked The Lord three times for this to be lifted from me

9. And God said the empowering of his life in me was enough to get me through, because his strength only achieves its full purpose in and through my weakness. I am very happy therefore to be fully aware of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ can work through me.

10. So I am more than willing to accept my weakness, and the insults and the pressures, fleeing from persecution and suffering misfortune for the sake of Jesus, because when I am aware of my weakness i am also very much aware of his strength. my weakness I am also very much aware of his strength.

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