1Corinthians Chapter Sixteen

Paul wraps up this very instructive letter with a further instruction regarding a collection for the needy Christians in Jerusalem. He has strong feelings for this church because of the conflicting experiences he has had with them - firstly as a persecutor of the church and an active participator in the martyrdom of Stephen, and also as a man with a powerful revelation from God regarding the redundancy of the law as being necessary for righteousness with God. He would be keen to win their hearts for many reasons, all of them good and godly ones. He has urged other churches to help these needy 
Christians and even suggests that he might accompany whoever delivers the final love offering to the church.

He then outlines his plans to visit them with details concerning his staying in Ephesus till Pentecost and putting off a visit to Corinth because of the great opportunities fir the gospel in Ephesus. Instead he is sending Timothy to them and he directs them strongly to treat Timothy well and not reject or intimidate him.

Paul also gives direction regarding the way they respect others in the church as well, people like Stephanus who seems to be a founding member and a natural leader and loyal to Paul.

He then gives final greetings and encouragements for them to love and care for one another but brings a final warning to them to not tolerate any amongst them who show that they do not love Jesus, presumably because. Of their opposition to the instructions and directions and warnings regarding bad attitudes and behavior that are contained in his letter (let them be anathema).



1. Concerning the taking of a collection for the needy Christians in Jerusalem, I am arranging for you to do the same as I have arranged for the churches in Galatia.

2. Every Sunday each and every one of you should put aside what you believe God has blessed you with, so that I don’t have to take up a collection when I come.

3. And when I arrive I will send whomever you indicate by your letter of approval to me. They will be the ones who take your gift to the Christians in Jerusalem.

4. And if it is appropriate that I go also, then they can come with me.

5. I will come to see you when I pass through Macedonia, which is on the way to you.

6. And I might be able to spend the winter with you, so that you can help me on the way to where I have to go after that.

7. It is better that I don’t come to see you now for just a short visit, but rather that I stay longer with you at a later stage, I the Lord permits.
8. But I will stay for a while at Ephesus, until Pentecost.

9. Because a great opportunity that will prove to be very effective has opened up for me but I have many opponents

10. If Timothy comes make sure he is under no threat from anybody because he is doing the Lord’s work, just as I am.

11. I don’t want him to be rejected by any of you. Treat him with respect so that he can continue on to be with me, because I and the other brothers are looking forward to seeing him.

12. And as for Apollos, I really wanted him 
To come to see you with the other brothers, but he felt it was not right for him to come at this time. However he will come when he feels he is able to.

13. Be on your guard and stand firmly in your faith and be strong and courageous like good men.

14. Let everything that you do be done in love.

15. My request to you as my brothers is; (and you know the household of Stephanus, which was the foundation of God’s work that was done in Achaia, and that they are committed to serving their fellow Christians)

16. That you commit yourselves to such as them, and to everyone that works to support us. 

17. I am glad that Stephanus has come to you, and Fortunatus, and Acaicus, because they have certainly been used to meet all of your needs.

18. They have lifted me up in spirit and have done the same for you. So acknowledge them and recognize them for what they have done.

19. The churches of Asia send you their greetings, and Aquilla and Priscilla also send their sincere best wishes, along with all those in the church that meets in their house.

20. Indeed all the family of God here send you greetings, so continue to greet one another with that holy hug.

21. And this is my personal greeting to you, written with my own hand.

22. If anyone amongst you does not love the Lord Jesus Christ (by deviating from all this letter was aimed at) then do not have anything to do with him – The Lord is coming!

23. Let the love and goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

24. And let my love be with you also, in Christ Jesus. Amen.