1Timothy Chapter Four



1. The Holy Spirit is telling us very clearly that in later times there will be some who will give up on the true faith and listen to teachers who have a spirit of deception and who teach what Satan entices them into teaching.

2. They are liars who are really acting out a role of ministry and whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

3. They will prohibit marriage and the eating of certain foods, good things that are created by God for faithful believing people to be thankful for and to enjoy.

4. Everything created by God is good and we should be thankful for these things and accept them.

5. The word of God sets these things apart to be used properly and prayerfully

6. You will be doing a good job as a minister of Jesus Christ is you remind people of these things, and you will be seen as being well taught and well fed in the word of faith and the sound doctrine that you have learned to live.

7. Don’t listen to over-the-top stories with strange religious undertones, but stay spiritually fit and strong.

8. Physical exercise might last for a little while and be good for some things now, but spiritual fitness is good for all things always, and prepares you to live an eternal quality of life now, and in the life to come.

9. There is no doubting what I have just said and everybody should accept that truth completely.

10. This is the kind of life we give ourselves for tirelessly – we get criticized and abused for promoting it, because we trust totally in the living God who brings salvation to everyone, but to a greater degree those who have faith.

11. Proclaim these things and get people to live them

12. Don’t let anyone put you down because you are a young man, but instead lead the way by being an example to believers in what you say, and how you live, in showing love, in fervent spirituality, and in living a pure life.

13. Until I get there I want you to be diligent in your reading, in your encouragement of others, and in your doctrinal teaching

14. Don’t neglect your spiritual gifting, which was imparted and confirmed in you

With the laying on of hands of the prophetic ministry in the church.

1. Think about all these things and embrace the truth of them so that people will see the fruit of your  spiritual growth and progress.

16. Apply yourself to all I have said, and to all you have learned and persevere in it and you will appropriate salvation fully for yourself, and help those who hear you to do the same.

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