1Timothy Chapter Two



1. The first thing I want to encourage you about is your prayer-life. Take your needs to God, take other people’s needs to God, and talk to God personally, thanking him for who he is and what he does.

2. Pray for Heads of State and political leaders and Government officials so that we can be a society that is free to live quietly and peacefully before God, with honesty and integrity.

3. This is the way our God and Savior wants us to live.

4. His desire is for everyone to share life with him, knowing the truth of what salvation really means;

5. That there is one God, and one Savior that represents God to us and us to God, the man Jesus Christ.

6. His life paid the price of bringing every human life to God, which will be affirmed before all in due time.

7.This is the message I have been given by God to preach. I am his authorized messenger (I say that honestly before God as totally true) to teach this truth to people of all nations so that they can live in truth and faith.

8. I would like to see all the men there, praying when they get together, raising their hands in gestures of peace to one another instead of in threats and disputes with one another.

9. I would also like to see the women there not trying to outdo one another in the way they dress, but with modesty and dignity, and not showing off their jewelry as if it were a fashion show.

10. Those women should be displaying true Christian womanhood, in their dress, and with more restraint in their behavior.

11. Tell them not to be always wanting to have their say, but rather listening, so that they can learn.

12. I don’t want those ladies taking on the role as teachers by competing with the men, but to be willing to listen.

13. The order of creation shows us that Adam was formed before Eve

14. Satan did not deceive Adam, but the woman wrongly fell into the trap of his deception.

15. However they will remain safe and sound through bearing and rearing children and maintaining their love and faith with godly restraint and wisdom.

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