1Thessalonians Chapter Five



1. So finally, in company with the Lord Jesus, we ask you and we encourage you that you live your lives in an ever increasing  abundant fullness, blessing God’s heart, according to all we have taught you.

2. You are well aware of how the Lord Jesus gave us guidelines to pass on to you.

3. God wants your lives to be set apart for sharing with him, and this includes not indulging in sexual immorality.

4. you should understand how to stay in control of your physical desires in a pure and appropriate manner,

5. Not with the unbridled passion of unbelievers who do not know or care about God.

6. No one should ever abuse moral boundaries when it comes to another person in these matters, because it will surely bring the dealings of God upon it, and we have warned you about this before.

7. Because God has invited you to share his purity and not the impurity of the world.

8. So whoever scorns this kind of discretion is not just scorning other people, they are scorning God himself, who gives us his Holy Spirit.

9. I don’t have to write to you about your love for one another, because it is obvious that God is continually teaching you about that.

10. And it is evident in the way you live out your lives before all who live in the wider region of Macedonia; We simply ask that this loving lifestyle continues to overflow in an ever increasing way.

11. Try to perfect the art of being still and quiet. Do what things you have to do without drawing attention to yourselves, just as we instructed you,

12. That way you will be seen to have integrity by those around you, pulling your weight, and not living idly at the expense of others.

13. I want you to be fully informed my friends about your Christian brothers and sisters who have since passed away, so that you don’t get overwhelmed with grief, as would other people who have no eternal hope.

14. Because if we believe that Jesus died and rose again from death, then we can be assured that those who have died since becoming Christians will accompany Jesus when he returns to this earth.

15. We can also assure you with the authority of God’s Word that those of us who are still alive when Jesus returns will not be taken up to meet him in front of those who have already passed away.

16. For when the Lord descends from heaven you will hear his victory cry, and the triumphant voice of the archangel, and the sound of the trumpet of God, and the bodies of those Christians who have died will be the first to rise up to meet him

17. Then we who are still alive and waiting for Jesus will be swept up together with them into the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and we will remain with him forever.

18. So I want you to comfort and encourage each other with what I have just said.

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