1Peter Chapter five

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1. I want to encourage you who are church leaders like myself. I was with Jesus when he went through his sufferings, and I will also be there to share with him in his glory that will be fully revealed one day.

2. I want you to nurture and care for God’s flock that you are a part of, and accept that role willingly, not out of a sense of obligation, or motivated by money, but out of a heart of real commitment.

3. Don’t order people around when it comes to the work of The Lord, but lead and serve by example.

4. And when the Chief Shepherd returns he will reward your faithfulness with an everlasting crown of honor.

5. And you younger ones should respect and honor your older brothers and sisters in the Lord. Indeed you should all honor each other with an attitude of humility and respect, because God closes the door on pride, but he opens doors of favor to the humble.

6. So place yourselves humbly in God’s powerful and mighty hand, and let him lift you into the right place at the right time.

7. Place all of your cares upon him as he carries them for you with great care.

8. But stay on the alert because your enemy the devil is on the prowl like a lion, to pounce on and destroy any unsuspecting prey.

9. You must resist him firmly with your faith, knowing that your fellow Christians everywhere are also going through the same kinds of sufferings and trials.

10. And our God who is full of goodness and grace towards us has invited us to share in eternal glory through Jesus Christ. You will go through sufferings, but they won’t last forever, as you grow in wisdom and strength, knowing God establishes and settles everything for your life on his generous terms

11. To him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

I have written this to you with the help of  my faithful brother Sylvanus, encouraging you with this declaration of the true goodness of God that your lives in which your lives are grounded.

13. The church at Babylon, chosen by God just as you are, sends its greetings, as does Marcus, my son in the Lord.

14. Greet one another affectionately. Peace to all of you who are one in Christ Jesus together. Amen

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