1Peter Chapter Four

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1. Just as Christ took humanity’s pain and suffering upon himself for our sakes, you too can become fortified with this same inspired mindset. When you endure the shortcomings and sufferings of both your own and others’ humanity in this way you cease from a mindset of worldly self centered gratification.

2. You cease living the rest of your life here gratifying the old baser human instincts and desires, and you start finding fulfillment in doing what pleases God’s heart.

3. You have lived enough of your life already doing what belongs to an unredeemed lifestyle, when you used to live it up to the hilt in too much self indulgence, too much drink, too much partying, shameful sexual behavior, and a blasphemous lifestyle.

4. You will get criticized by these people, who will think that there is something wrong with you for not going along with them in everything they do.

5. They will one day have to give account of their own behavior to the one who will judge the living and the dead.

6. This is why the gospel was preached to those who received it and have since died. They will give account of what they did in the weakness of their humanity, but they can also go on to live an eternal spiritual reality in God.

7. But life on this earth is coming to an end soon, so take things seriously and remain prayerful at all times.

8. Most importantly, love one another with kindness and sincerity. When you truly love someone you can live with their human weaknesses and shortcomings.

9. Be willing to gladly give your time and attention to making others feel welcome and accepted.

10. Everyone has been designated a unique supernatural ability from God to be a blessing, so provide God’s goodness to others by managing that gift well.

11. If anyone has something to say about God, let them speak from a true revelation of God. If anyone wants to help someone in need, let them serve with the supernatural ability that God has given them. This way God will be seen in action through your partnership with Jesus, to whom we give praise and glory forever and ever. Amen

12. My dear friends, don’t be shocked at circumstances coming your way that test you to the limit. Don’t think of this as being out of the ordinary as far as you’re concerned.

13. You can be glad that you are going through the same dealings that Jesus went through, so that when his power and glory shines through you will be elated just to be there.

14. You can also be elated if you get insulted for being a Christian because the power and nature of Jesus will be on display in your life. Their words might be putting Jesus down but your life is raising him up.

11. I don’t want any of you being denounced as a hit man or a thief or a mobster or as a stand-over man in other people’s affairs.

16. But if you are denounced for being a Christian you can hold your head high because your name is being coupled with God’s

17. It is time for we Christians to be judged for what we believe in. If the verdict and the sentence is handed down to us first, can you imagine what the consequences will be for those who reject God altogether?

18. If we who are walking with God still appear to be falling short, how will those appear who have shrugged him off and gone their own selfish way?

19. So if you go through difficult times that you know God has allowed to come upon you, walk on with God and trust him as your creator to faithfully look after your inner well being.

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