1Peter Chapter One



1. And now a word for the greedy rich. Get ready to wail and moan because of the financial calamities that will beset you.

2. Your money is tainted and your designer suits are looking worn out and shoddy.

3. Your wealth has lost its luster and its deficit value is showing you up and eating away at your insides. You have stored up all this failing currency for your final days.

4. The meager unfair salaries of your employees who made all the profit for you are like voices screaming into your corrupt ears and at the same time those voices are being heard by the Lord, commander in chief of avenging justice.

5. This world has been just a playground for your surplus of toys and you have found pleasure in tpain that your game has cost other people.

6. You have unjustly destroyed the lives of good people who have had to helplessly stand by and watch.

7. So I encourage you brothers in the Lord to wait it out till the Lord returns to us. Farmers have to wait patiently for the seed that has been sown to finally reap its harvest, as at last they see the tell tale signs of the early and latter seasonal rainfall.

8. Be patient like the farmers, and settled in your hearts, because the time of the coming of the Lord is getting close.

9. Don’t criticize and judge one another or you too will be judged, because the judge is standing waiting at the door.

10. Consider the prophets that God has sent to us, and learn through their example of patience in enduring through difficult and unjust times.

11. In fact we must admire them for their positive and faithful attitude in going through their trials. You know the story of Job, and how God was merciful and amazingly kind towards him in the end.

12. It is essential that you don’t make grandiose pledges about doing things that have to be done anyway. Just let your yes be yes and your no be no and then you wont have to squirm out of any overstated promises.

13. Are any of you going through a particularly difficult time? Then make sure you pray about it. Are things going well? Then sing your praise and thanks to God.

14. Are any of you sick? Then ask the elders of the church to pray for you and anoint you with oil in the name of the Lord.

15. Prayers of faith heal the sick, because the Lord is at work to make them whole, spirit soul and body, and freeing them from the guilt and shame of sin.

16. Be honest about your shortcomings to one another and pray for one another so that you will be made whole. Sincere prayer from people walking with God is able to do a power of good.

17. Elijah was a man beset with the same human frailties as us, and he prayed sincerely to God for the rain to cease, and rain ceased for three and a half years.

18. Then he prayed again for rain and the heavens gave rain, and the earth was refreshed and became fruitful.

18. And remember , if anyone strays from the truth and you have a part in bringing him round to the truth;

20. Realize that the part you played in bringing him round has saved his soul from being cut off from God, and his sins will be forgiven and forgotten.

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